Saturday, 8 February 2014

Lush's Love Locket

You simply cannot go wrong with LUSH bath products, but they have really excelled themselves this time. (Excuse the shades, from a shopping haul on Friday - oops.)

I've never used a locket bath bomb before, so the funky-looking girl behind the counter was happy to explain it to me. Rather like a real locket, if you open it up there's a treat inside. You break it apart (rather like smashing open a chocolate orange) and inside is a smaller heart-shaped bath bomb and a ton of heart confetti! 

It made the bath hot pink with a subtle bit of glitter, and my skin felt lovey and moisturised afterwards. The smell is sweet but not too sugary (a la Snow Fairy); more like a sherbert kind of scent. 

Delicious! And you get 3 baths out of it too, if you open it carefully!

Louise xo

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