Monday, 24 February 2014

Mini Beauty Buy

The Body Shop | LUSH

A little trip to town today saw me come home with a pile of goodies from LUSH and two gorgeous lipsticks from The Body Shop. 

Brazened Honey is my favourite face mask ever. It smells delicious and is so cooling when it goes on (you have to keep it in the fridge so duh). And it leaves my skin soft, supple and happy in a way that no other face mask has ever done. A close second would be the thermal clay mask from The Body Shop, but as always LUSH takes first prize. 

In the lipstick love department, Body Shop have just won my heart. I got a delicious pale chocolate colour and a baby pinky-red shade that I'm dying to try out. They are more moisturising than the Topshop lipsticks that I adore and while the colour range isn't exceptional it's definitely enough to keep me coming back. 

Louise xo

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