I'm Louise, a sound Northern lass living in Yorkshire. Writer, beauty-product-lover, eco-friendly, animal welfare warrior and foodie.

A few bits about me and some FAQs!

I adore old-school rock and metal music, and can often be found chilling out to Iron Maiden or Foo Fighters. I love to read. Books, magazines, cereal boxes, you name it.I adore animals, and have adopted two black cats to date. I'm sure more will be added to the household soon enough.I'm a big fashion interior design enthusiast, and love shopping for pretty things for my wardrobe and my house.My favourite shops are LUSH, Primark, Sephora, Topshop, Victoria's Secret and Forever 21.I like my coffee strong, my eyeliner perfect, my music loud and the sun shining bright.

When did you start blogging? Back in 2012, although I've moved around a bit from Blogger to Wordpress and back again. I'm still a newbie in the blogging world.

What inspired you to start blogging? Other bloggers! I love reading about people's lives, and I thought I would give it a shot writing something of my own. I love sharing my life and things I enjoy, as well as meeting people from all over the world.

Do you dye your own hair? What colour is it? I don't dye my own hair, although sometimes I'll touch it up. I have very dark brunette roots fading to bleach blonde at the ends. It needs a trim!

Do you go the gym? Yes, and my workouts of choice are squats, treadmill and the rower. Swimming is great to unwind after a tough workout.  I love cycling outside in the summer and going jogging. I just got some new neon Nike Free Runs so I'm inspired to train more often!

What beauty products do you use? All sorts! If I listed them all I would be sitting here for hours. I tend to stick to MAC for foundation and powder, Soap and Glory and LUSH for awesome bath and shower products, Too Faced for bronzer and Topshop lip products.

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