Thursday, 2 January 2014

Inspiration for the Year

Make 2014 your year of action, of activism, of standing up for what you believe in. Care for others. Care for yourself. Adopt an animal or, if you can’t, foster. Donate to charity. Start a charity. Fundraise. Sign a petition, sign a thousand, make a banner, go to a protest or a sit-in. Travel. Get that tattoo you’ve always wanted, and that piercing you’ve been thinking about. Write. Write a poem, write a book, write a movie, write a blog. Run. Use your body, explore it’s limits. Paint a picture, take a picture, be in as many as you can. Make memories. Leave your phone at home, go somewhere removed from technology. Grow plants, grow food, live off the grid. Build a treehouse, a birdhouse, even build a house of your own. Laugh. Love every minute, even the hard ones, they teach you how to enjoy the simple ones. Sing. Dance every time you can. Tip your head back and smile at the sky. Because if you don’t, then who will?

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