Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Travel Bug

I've been lucky enough to travel to some weird and wonderful places during my semi-short life on the planet so far. The list includes the Caribbean, Egypt, New York City, Ibiza, Turkey, Cyprus and a handful of European countries. Next on the list, in two short weeks, is the West Coast of the USA landing in Seattle and exploring from there on. I'm prepared for cold, wind, rain, but also the trip of a lifetime. We might head very far South to Las Vegas or San Diego, but at the moment our itinerary is carefully blank (with a few exceptions made for meeting some lovely old friends).

Without a doubt, my favourite place so far to revisit time and time again has been Turkey. The people are fantastic, the food is great and they have a wide range of vegetarian options, and the weather is (kind of) guaranteed to be awesome. If your version of awesome is blistering sunshine, that is, and mine certainly is.

New York City comes a close second - how can anyone not love the city that never sleeps? I desperately want to visit there with my other half: since I've been twice I've managed to seek out some great places to go and things to do and can't wait to share those experiences with him.

My favourite holidays really mix the relaxation with the exploration. I love historical sites and museums, but also enjoy relaxing by the pool with a drink and some music. A good hotel is important (and by good I don't mean expensive, I mean lively, local, and comfortable) and access to a nice restaurant is something paramount on my list. I love trying local cuisine, so anywhere from street carts up has me pleased. I find you can gain the best holiday experiences from eating in local restaurants and chatting to the owners - they always have great stories to tell and tips about where to go next! I'm happy to rough it, but also love a bit of luxury.

Mountains, beaches, cities, countryside, who cares? Get me on a plane with a good book and limitless time to spend exploring and you have a very happy woman.

My travel bucket list (ever expanding):

  • Goa
  • Shanghai
  • Tokyo and Mt Fuji
  • Nepal
  • Athens
  • Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and most of Thailand
  • New Delhi
  • Easter Island
  • Kenya
  • Fiji
  • Marrakech
  • Changuu Island
  • Tanzania
  • .... I could go on forever...
Where's on your bucket list?

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