Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Welcome, 2014!

So Christmas and New Year didn't go off quite as I'd hoped! I had an excellent time, and I'm the biggest believer that Christmas should be a time for family and that presents should come secondary, so seeing my family and James's family together for the day was wonderful. But Christmas Day Eve I met with some form of nasty virus that I haven't been able to shake off since. New Year's Eve saw me in bed by 11pm and fast asleep when the ball dropped. New Year's Day? Spent on the sofa with my laptop (revived after six months of it in its grave) and Lord of the Rings on TV.

I have two resolutions for 2014. I rarely make them because I know I'm the worst person at sticking to them, but these two should be pretty simple:

  1. Give up coffee. (Exceptions may apply.) I drink far too much, and it's bad for me. Every time I want a cuppa, I'm going to replace it with tea or chai tea and try to detox. Wish me luck!
  2. Start a YouTube channel. I spent most of 2013 meaning to do this and recording a few demo videos, so 2014 is the time to suck it up and post them.

I did get some really lovely gifts and treats over Christmas, including lots of gorgeous candles, a ton of chocolate, and lots of beauty products to use in our newly-redone bathroom. Here are a few of my favourites:
The main theme in my living room is country chic, and I have plenty of hearts and candles littered around. This silver vase and candle holder are sitting in pride of place on the windowsill keeping the room warm on a night!

I LOVE these geek shoes from Topshop. Silver, shiny, comfy, cute... they tick every box.

Skull money box and My Little Pony from Urban Outfitters! Both in our office where the overwhelming colour is white. 

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope 2014 is safe, fun, prosperous and happy for each and every one of you! <3 <3

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