Sunday, 9 March 2014

Fashion and Beauty 'Will Do's

This year I'm making a concerted effort to change up my fashion and beauty regime, since I've been stuck in a rather monotone rut for the last few years. It's time for change! Here's my list for the year:

- Wear more colour, less black and grey. Neons and pastels are slowly creeping into my wardrobe.
- Grow my hair. Stop getting frustrated with it and hacking it all off.
- Leave my hair colour alone for a while. Not sure I can stick to this one, but my hair would like me to!
- Show more leg. I live in jeans and leggings, and it's time my legs saw some sun! Dresses and skirts and shorts, oh my!
- Wear more maxi dresses. So what if I'm 5'2" and look miniature sized? Who cares?
- Branch out in the shoe department, and invest in good quality shoes. I used to buy expensive shoes and they lasted years; now I dip into Primark and wonder why they only last a few months. I only have about 3 pairs that I wear regularly, so it's time to expand the shoe horizons with a few pairs of staple heels and some cute flats. (Must have a look in River Island when I'm next in town, their shoes are lovely.)
- Learn more hairstyles. Currently I've mastered the sock bun, the messy pony, and the 90s topknot and want to add more to that portfolio.
- Learn to plait! OK so I can plait the front section of my hair, but anything beyond that is impossible. I'm eternally jealous when someone walks in with a perfect fishtail that they did themselves.
- Nails, nails, nails. I have gel nails on, and have started having funky colours and stiletto nails rather than plain colours or French and I love it. I once read that when your hands look and feel nice that you feel more confident... seems true!
- Fix that damn tattoo. I have a tattoo that's unfinished that I hate, and it's been sitting untouched for too long now. Time to sort it out.

That'll do for now! What's on your 2014 fashion and beauty list?

Louise xo

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