Tuesday, 4 March 2014

New This Week!

The start of every month always brings a fresh feeling, and I think a lot of us heave a sigh of relief when our bank accounts are refilled and we can relax for a few weeks and have fun with our money.

I went shopping for a variety of things including birthday cakes, hen party decorations, car tax discs and a lot of other not-so-fun things, but these pretty things were certainly fun to buy:

Body Shop Lipstick and Monsoon necklace. A snip at £10 each!

Baby shower gifts! And a very naughty purchase of some neon orange River Island heels...

I've been dying to try this tea, and finally gave in and ordered it! 
And finally, some books to add to my self-help/happiness/journalling shelf! I can't wait to get stuck into Keri Smith's book and will probably buy a load more in the future. 

Coming soon, a February favourites post!

Louise xo

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