Sunday, 9 March 2014

Reviews: Micellar Water and Beautifying Oil

B. Pure Micellar Water
Sorry Soap&Glory, Una Brennan and Philosophy: it's over. There's a new make-up remover in town, and I'm all in love with it. 

I don't go to Superdrug much (I'm a Boots girl) but i be heading there a lot more often now, after sampling their B. Beautiful range. 

I've read all sorts of info about micellar water, as I'm sure you have, and finally got around to trying it. I only used the tiniest bit on a cotton ball and stared at my own face for a few seconds in awe. It normally takes a minute or two for my other cleansers to take off all my foundation (I probably wear too much) but one swipe with B. Pure Micellar Water and it was gone completely. I only had to use a miniscule amount to cleanse all of my face and neck and from that second I was sold. I've used Soap&Glory Peaches and Clean for ages now but I've never really got on board with creamy cleansers, I've always felt like they clogged my pores long after I've rinsed them off. No such problem here. My skin felt super fresh and hydrated, especially with a bit of moisturiser on top. 

- It's super cheap, I swiped it at only £3.50!
- Doesn't dry out skin or leave it oily. 
- Cruelty free!

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil (Pink Grapefruit)
I loooove The Body Shop's pink grapefruit scent. It's really light and fresh and fruity without ring overpowering. Their beautifying oil is another new love of my life. I use it after a shower on damp skin to lock in moisture (I sound like a commercial) but you can use it on dry skin and on your split ends! 

It smells heavenly and at £9 won't break the bank! You only have to use a tiny bit so it will last for ages. 

Ladies, make Superdrug and The Body Shop your next stops!

Louise xo

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