Thursday, 21 November 2013

Ernest: A Review

Last night, after a whirlwind train journey and mad dash through the rainy streets of Newcastle we landed at a cute little place called Ernest tucked away down a sidestreet somewhere. I couldn't find it again if my life depended on it, but dammit I'm going to!

Their website says 'Great Food, Great Drink, Great Company' and Ernest certainly delivered that! After a mango and raspberry cider I could forget about my wet feet and relax, soaking up the rustic, kitschy surroundings with glee. The giant decapitated head of a Lego man stood in one windowsill, a shelving display contained a variety of Star Wars figures, candles burned in the windows, the music was aptly retro with a splash of modern, and the menu had me drooling before I'd even got past the first page. 

I opted for Huevos Rancheros: Toasted English muffin topped with refried black beans,  poached free range eggs and fresh salsa, served with  rainbow rösti. DELISH. The eggs were perfectly cooked, and I was totally disappointed when I'd finished it and wanted more. 

After a few hours relaxing with cider, wine, and coke for the DD (poor designated driver) we went tumbling back out into the Northern weather and I made a sprint for the train again, diving onto it with seconds to spare. Newcastle, it was ace to be in you again and Ernest: wait for me. I'll be back. No fear.

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